Business in today’s time is acquiring digital space. Marketing has endured a far-reaching revolution over the past decade. The days of simply investing over the print medium and getting a healthy return are long gone.   This evolution of technology has resulted in a drastic change in human society and businesses with a primitive approach. The businesses are either changing their business models or rotating into a complete online module.  Every segment right from the FMCG up to the luxury segment has established both online and offline processes of promotion and these measures enable the business to grow. An innovative digital marketing strategy is a methodology to capture a growing and lucrative online methodology.

For any business to flourish and reach the right target audience it is essential for them to have a good reach over the internet, digital marketers are the professionals who use clever and innovative ways to entice conversion using a call to action. Leveraging channels like social media, website banners, Search Engine Optimization, Google, Online PR, AdWords, blogs and Vlogs along with other Hi-Tech use of technology like Android and play store applications enable businesses to grow smoothly in the market.

The important stages in digital marketing consists of three components which are opportunity, Strategy, and Action or Call to Action. The whole digital marketing process revolves around these components. Method of improving digital marketing is benchmarking to associate where you are now to assess the prospective against digital-marketing-Mumbai

where you need to be in the future. For businesses to survive in this digital era it is necessary for them to have a manifestation over the internet. Inclusion in this interconnected grid gives you an access window to reach to the target audience.

Opportunity is a very important phase and has a foremost role to play in the digital marketing strategy.

Unless and until there is no prospect created there will be no planning of approach. Market research and setting the right target audience are the ways in creating digital opportunities. A Particular prerequisite by a consumer can be termed as an opportunity for a digital marketer. Right from a need to purchase goods on an e-commerce website or use social media to promote the businesses, every component is surrounded by opportunities to market a particular brand. Top digital marketing companies create such opportunities in order to market the brand in a better way in the digital space, Hence digital marketing strategy cannot be completed without an opportunity.

The strategy is one of the important stages in digital marketing. Strategy in digital marketing will explain how to accomplish the business goals and what action plan to use in order to achieve those business goals. Generating leads is the main agenda of planning the strategy. The Digital marketing strategies include 7 important components which are the use of E-marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Voice Search Optimisation, Content Marketing SEO and Video Marketing. When it comes to digital marketing strategies, these methodologies are very essential and they are the most commonly used channels by the marketers and the consumers. The prime focus on reaching, engaging and connecting the right target audience is through these mediums this enables a good technical standpoint in order to see a visible result. The Call to Action, better known as the “CTA,” is the final and the most important stage of digital marketing. This stage decides the lifespan of a business or service. The Call to Action entices a website visitor to take a specific action that benefits a digital marketer. This action is only successful if the strategy is done well and is appealing to the consumer to take creative, compelling and persuasive effort. The most common call-to-action known to marketers is “click me, know more or click to know more, buy now or purchase now”. Call to action can be commercial as well as non-commercial. Sometimes only clicking through the website can increase the KPI and outreach of the website, sometimes this action is turned into a buying or selling affair.


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