Influencer marketing on the digital space is one form of public relations and an indirect method of advertisement where a renowned influencer talks about your brand. Influencer marketing strategy expands the business and makes consumers. Influencer marketing works well with blog collaboration, social media posts, stories influencer-marketing and V-logs.

Influencers are identified with their respective scope of work. Fashion diva or a renowned celebrity can act as a great influencer for a lifestyle and fashion brands. A likewise renowned technical person with his technical interest can be a good tech blogger, these tech bloggers motivate consumers with their reviews in decision making of buying particular gadgets. Hence influencers enable us to take better decisions over the purchase of brands.

Influencers use great techniques of content marketing the customers and potential new customers develop a deeper interest in the brand through social media channels or via direct brand collaboration. Influencers don’t get engaged in a direct call to action process. For example, a platform like Instagram is completely an image-based subject. An Influencer here will tell a story through images and the minimalistic captions. For much brief knowledge about the brand, influencers do get engaged in long-form content like blogs and vlogs which have detailed information with infographics imagery and real-time information about the brand.

Influencer marketing also has its own drawbacks it’s not a long-lived engagement. The content in the promotion activities is for a very short period as influencer keeps on engaging with multiple brands and subjects. Social media also pushes the content further down the feed. Influencers cannot only promote one entity for the long run. It’s very important to ensure that the content in influencer marketing is reaching the right target audience. An influencer is identified by his followers; these followers are further divided into multiple segments such as Age, Occupation, Geographic location and Designation. The campaign can be easily tracked and identified if the collaboration is reaching the right target audience.

An influencer can drive legitimate traffic to the website from the selected audience. This will also help in increasing the traffic on social media channels. Influencer will facilitate the process of creating an interest amongst the consumers and generate traffic the next phase of call to action is completely the lookout of the brand driving traffic to the website ultimately pushes the customers through the next step of digital sales and this optimizer to convert and generate leads hence Influencer marketing strategy is of a great help to drive traffic to the website

Roxanne bamboo is one of the travel and lifestyle influencers in India. She gets invited from several destinations around the world who have their representation in India. She travels to those destinations writes her experiences both good and bad and engages her readers to visit the destination. For example, recently she visited Ireland as tourism Ireland hosted her on a familiarisation trip, after knowing about her wonderful experience at the destination, her followers got motivated to travel to Ireland. This indirectly benefited the destination and grew their business from India.

Any influencer with a good reach over all his social media platforms can benefit the brand in many ways.

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