Social media marketing has increased business exposure. Maximum leads in online businesses are generated from social media, 66% of the total online business is from social media the important tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms help in boosting the business digital-marketing-trends for a digital marketer.

Any business which is not having a social media presence or any kind of online presence is difficult to sustain the market, Social media marketing enables marketers to flexibly select the audience and reach the right target audience at the right time. The post on social media consists of a call to action content which enables the consumer to opt for the services and the product.

Traffic generation is one of the important elements of SMM. Whichever industry segment audience a promotion is targeted to, driving traffic is an important component of the promotion. A recent new research center found that 68% of adults in America are Facebook users out of which the age group of 18 to 24 years, 78% are on Instagram and 45% around Twitter. Not only the young generation but even the senior people are making use of social media. Maximum traffic on the social media pages divert the traffic to the business website and generate leads.  This increases the reach and helps you to go a bit extra mile to promote your business page. Consumers consider Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as communication platforms and they actually don’t consider these platforms as marketing machines but the outstanding content and the attractive creative on these platforms motivate them to become a buyer on the social media platform.

Social media marketing is completely a lead generating and sales-oriented process most of the big businesses in today’s time have assimilated the customers through Facebook and other social media channels. 84% of VPS and CEOs have given a testimony that social media is plateful in growing their business in a better way along with a good purchasing decision. Thus more of a particular brand is recognized over a social media channel the more likely a consumer is motivated to purchase what he needs from that particular brand. Social media not only increases the brand presence but even influences the customers in buying decisions at multiple points along the sales funnel. For example, the real estate industry will have a great social media remarketing strategies. Any consumer looking to buy a house in a particular vicinity will be motivated to use Google or Facebook to conduct his searches hence this re-market strategy will be applied on that particular customer and the ADs such as of the upcoming projects and the interest for buying a property will appear to the consumer via Facebook or Google ads in case if a consumer is motivated through these online ADs he will have a call to action towards this promotion. Thus social media marketing enables the consumer to take decisions instantly over fingertips.


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